About Footpath Leadership and Michael Dell


Michael Dell     Footpath Leadership Development was founded through Mike's passion for strategic excellence, learning, innovation, and a desire to  help organizations execute strategies for success. Organizations need solid leadership in order to maximize their success. Mike mentors leaders to be equipped to guide their organizations, motivate their employees, and drive successful outcomes.

Footpath Leadership is a wheelhouse for developing business and organizational skills.  

Footpath Leadership helps you to activate your vision and transform your organization.

Whether you are a major corporation, a local church, a denomination, or an individual, you will become a successful leader in your field when you consistently apply sound strategic processes. 

     Mike brings a unique combination of experience and passion. His 36 years in executive management with a major pharmaceutical company, means that he has an in-depth knowledge of strategy, visioning, and successful implementation with winning results.

    As an ordained pastor, Mike also has a deep passion for the human heart and the transformation of individuals in their life journeys. He enables corporate executives, pastors, and leaders to reach their God-given potential.

Footpath Leadership, is comfortable in spanning across many organizational domains.


Mike holds advanced degrees in science and theology, and he also has extensive experience and training in executive management.