The Folly of Self - A Comment on Recent Protests in Canada

February 14, 2022

Recent turmoil in Canada, should remind us of the folly of self. The proponents of the protests have tried to make the point that their concerns are about freedom. We would assume that they mean the freedom of other people, not just themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Their tactical approach and longer-term agenda have demonstrated that it has all been about themselves. Several words come to mind that contain the word “self” and all of them are destructive and have been evident in these difficult days: selfish, self-centered, self-important. The demonstrators’ focus on themselves has been evident by how they have conducted the protest. Their approaches have been anything but serving the freedom of others. Rather, they have deprived the freedom of others. Blaring horns at decibel levels of noise have immeasurably harmed the health and well-being of others. The refusal to stand down and enable freedom of movement on streets has been anything but promoting the freedom of others. It has been an imprisonment. Disrespect for our national monuments and The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier have been utterly wrong. The so-called frivolity - barbeques, hot-tubs, bouncy castles, as well as the presence of children….. have all demonstrated a deep disregard for others. During the strain and destruction towards others, they have seen it as a time to have fun to pass away the time. It has been a feeble attempt on their part to make it look like they are being peaceful.


This has all been done because of a tragic view that they truly represent but are unwilling to honestly acknowledge: it is actually all about “self” - themselves.


Make no mistake - their purpose has never been about the collective good. It has only been about how they themselves have been impacted by difficult decisions that had to be taken during a time of the pandemic. In contrast, a vast majority of Canadians have taken decisions and followed best guidance under the principle that, difficult as the times are, following medical guidance is good not only for oneself but for others around us. The vast majority of law-abiding Canadians have said - I need to do my bit to help us all get through this.


This sad episode in Canadian life is a particularly important reminder for Christian believers and maybe others that need to hear good advice. Jesus taught that we are to “deny ourselves”.  Jesus said [Luke 9:33] “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” The interesting thing is that when we deny ourselves to this extent and for our LORD and follow Him selflessly, Jesus will lead us into total freedom and peace.