Tough Situations in Life

May 31, 2021

Over the last few weeks my ministry at The Elliott Community in Guelph has led me to give a series of short messages on "Tough Situations in Life". These messages and services are obviously designed for  elderly people. One must bear in mind that some of these tough situations are very personal to them. In addition, with elerly people, the preacher has to bear in mind that the elderly attention span and their ability to comprehend needs to be considered. I read a lot of preaching teachers who have a lot to say about the optimal length of a sermon. Short sermons are generally frowned upon. However, I believe the elderly are a unique audience. It requires discernment as to how long a service should be, as well as the length of the spoken message. But here is the amazing thing - I have found that the elderly - whether retired, frail, or cognitively impaired..... respond well to music and short messages. I hope these services/messages are enjoyed. May God get the glory!


Does God Care If I am Lonely?

What If I have Doubts?

What If I Feel Like a Failure?

What If I Lack Patience?


Perhaps there are some leadership connections to these messages as well.

Rev. Michael F. Dell

Pastor and Chaplain, The Elliott Community

Chaplain, Branch 234 Royal Canadian Legion, Col McCrae Branch, Guelph