Footpath Craftworks


Footpath Craftworks is a small division of the company which is an expression of Mike's deep passion for walking and enjoying God's creation. His skill in handcrafting walking sticks is actually the genesis of his company name. As an avid carver, Mike has embarked on a small business specializing in the handcrafting of beautiful walking sticks and hiking staffs. Each piece is artistically designed with careful consideration given to the natural characteristics of the woodgrains, and natural textures. Each stick or staff is not is a collector's item of prestige and quality. A walk or a hike will be a different experience with one of these beautiful creations along for the journey! One of these sticks or staffs could be yours by simply contacting Mike and placing an order with him. All products shipped are freight extra.

"As he was scattering seed some fell along the path... still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times" (Mk. 4:4a, 8)


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