Footpath Leadership Development will help to facilitate a transformation of your business or organization to empower you to be a leader among your peer and comparator organizations. Through the strategic use of tools, techniques, and organizational and leadership coaching, your company can be poised to be transformed into a winning organization.


Leading Edge Strategy

Your business has an inherent value that needs to be unleashed. Know your competitive advantage and grow your business through innovation and creativity. This comes through careful strategic planning and setting out plans of action that are focused on maximizing returns.  Footpath  Leadership Development  will assist you in seizing your competitive edge.


Talent is Everything

You and your team need to be continually learning, be on the leading edge of strategic thinking, and be experts in implementation. Footpath Leadership Development can assist you in developing your people, your corporate and executive talents, and your creative capacity to win and surpass your business expectations. 


Tools For Businesses

  • Strategic planning and product management

  • Lifecycle planning

  • Marketing plans and Plans of Action (POAs) for sales force guidance

  • Sales training

  • Business development and partnering

  • Competitive and situation analysis

  • Corporate communication

  • Staff and leadership development

  • Facilitation and team-building techniques

  • Executive coaching

  • Effective negotiation