Lifeskills Management 

As an experienced business executive, and as an ordained pastor, I have a passion to provide people with a variety of life-transforming services which can be helpful in their life journey:

  • Lifeskills Management - skills such as mentoring, self-awareness, relationship management, seeking feedback and interpreting feedback, and setting personal goals. These are essential components of charting your life journey towards a successful future.

  • Spiritual Care - I can walk along with you in different aspects of your life journey. I work with you through my own focus on pastoral presence and active listening as a starting point. I then move on to understanding your life story. Once we have entered into these stages, we partner to call on the Holy Spirit to help you co-create solutions to your deepest needs in many aspects of spiritual and emotional heath. I provide solutions-focused pastoral care by particularly empowering people in such areas as:

    • Biblically-based life direction and meaning

    • Addiction recovery

    • Establishing self-esteem

    • Managing relationships

    • Empowering marital relationships

    • Later-life and palliative care

    • Managing grief, loss, and suffering

    • Undertaking successful conflict management

    • I am also licensed to lead funeral services and officiate marriages (Province of Ontario)