Footpath Leadership Development - Michael F. Dell

 "Bringing purpose to the steps along the path of life for organizations and individuals"



Footpath Leadership Development provides professional strategic support to transform your business, company, church, denomination, and your own life. Learning from Footpath Leadership enables you to seize the opportunity for the future success of your organization and you personally.

Successful organizations know their core competencies and vision. With clarity of purpose, they embrace this vision, live it out each day, and support it with their values, ethics, and creativity.

Services offered by Footpath Leadership

  • Organizational or business planning and setting strategy for growth

  • Team formation, team building, and managing teams effectively

  • Building an effective marketing and communication strategy

  • Setting processes for effective Plans of Action (POAs)

  • Executive and team member coaching with mentoring

  • How to benefit from strong collaboration, communication, and constructive feedback

  • Understanding Conflict management 

  • Leadership development - expanding the competencies and skills of your team


Mike can also be booked for motivational and training speaking engagements. Just fill out the contact tab in order to make contact and continue the conversation!


If you would like to start a conversation about working together please fill out the contact form on this website and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.